Motorline TELICA Double Leaf Gate Kit - For Entrances up to 5m (15ft)

By Motorline


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Motorline TELICA Double Leaf Gate Kit 

Versatile and with a modern design, TELICA is a small-sized articulated kit. with a width of only 15 cm, which allows its installation on narrow pillars, or in areas with a restricted space.
The Motorline TELICA Double Leaf Gate Kit - capable of entrances up to 5m (15ft)

The articulated arm allows constant regulation of impact forces and immediate detection of obstacles.
Capable of operating in environments with minimum temperatures down to -25°C, making it ideal for areas with frost and snowfall.

• 1 230Vac TELICA Swing Actuators
• 1 Control board MC52
• 2 Remote controls FALK
• 1 Pair of photocells MFE
• Safety Release mechanism

Built in MC52 Control Panelmotorline MC52 Control board

Control board with new features that makes it more complete than the MC2. In addition to all the features of the MC2 control board, it has even more:
• Display with selectors for programming.
• RGB output or port status.
• Selection of photocell parameters.
• Possibility to delete a specific command without having to delete all others.
• Cycle counter.

Motorline TELICA 230v

 Motorline Telica Dimensions


MC52_ENG from Motorline on Vimeo.

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