Motorline M170 GSM

By Motorline


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GSM Gate Openers

Motorline M170 GSM

Device developed to control anything through a phone call with no costs (via GSM) or Android application using Bluetooth technology.
With memory capacity for 509 users, it is perfect for all access types, allowing multiple users to pass without additional costs.

• 1 12-32Vdc / 12-24Vac GSM Module
  • Output activation via Bluetooth or voice call.
  • Configuration via android application (Bluetooth) or SMS.
  • Allows the configuration of 509 numbers/users.
  • Users control by time limit.
  • Configuration by SMS: Add and delete users, change administrator or user password,
  • Change the relay's impulse time (Max 99 sec), Enable and disable user control by time limit,
  • Synchronize the device's clock with the date and time of the GSM network.
  • Configuration by Android application (Bluetooth).
  • Configure up to four devices, allows you to activate the output, view, insert, delete, and change users.
  • Change and view administrator and user password.
  • View and change the relay's impulse time (Max 99 sec).
  • Change the Bluetooth device's name.
  • Synchronize the device's clock with the mobile phone's clock.
  • Enable and disable control for time limit.
  • Check the GSM signal quality.
  • Allows you to load a list of users.



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